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New Mexico Water Quality Facts

New Mexico is the fifth driest state in the United States, receiving on average less than 10 inches of rain annually. Due to frequent drought and water shortage, water in New Mexico often travels long distances to serve its population of 2,085,538 residents. As only a fraction of New Mexico's water is supplied by surface sources, such as the Rio Grande and Santa Fe River, much of the state sources its water from underground wells and aquifers.

Poor water quality in New Mexico, mainly as a result of scarcity and overtreatment, may cause a variety of household problems. These issues may include water that is hard and has an unpleasant taste or smell, limescale buildup, and glassware that is spotty or cloudy.

Different areas in New Mexico can experience a variety of different water issues. Even in the same city, problems can vary widely. Learn more about the water in your town today.

Your local New Mexico Culligan Water Expert is an expert on determining any water problems you may be experiencing, as well as providing the solutions.

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