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Portable Water Softener Delivery Service offers an easy way to get soft water wherever you need it. It's an ideal solution for homes, seasonal properties and places where traditional water softeners may be prohibited due to brine discharge limitations, water rationing or strict water usage requirements. Rather than installing an automatic softening system that softens that water that comes in through your home’s water supply, you’ll receive regular water softener deliveries of a portable exchange tank to service your home. For added convenience, your Culligan Water® expert handles all exchanges and maintenance – and there's no need to purchase or transport heavy bags of salt.

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Your Culligan Water expert delivers and installs your portable exchange tank, then returns for a tank exchange on a schedule that works for you.


Portable Exchange Service doesn't use your electricity, so you won't need to worry about added utility costs.


The Portable Exchange Service requires no on-site water consumption, which can be especially helpful in areas where water is rationed or tightly regulated.


Portable Exchange Service is permitted nearly everywhere traditional water softeners are restricted or not allowed. Since your Culligan Water expert exchanges and removes your exhausted tank, there is no on-site discharge.

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At Culligan Water, we’re the global leader in providing cleaner, safer, soft water for a reason: since 1936, we’ve been focused on delivering innovative, sustainable solutions and unparalleled service.

Today, we serve 50 million customers every year with our network of professionally trained technicians, industry-leading warranties and a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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