• Water Softening

    Culligan’s Water Softeners work to get rid of hard water-causing minerals, removing scale and build up over time. Hard water symptoms to look for include:

    • Water spots on your glasses
    • Hard crust around faucets or drains
    • Skin feels dry or irritated after showering
    • Cloudy ice cubes

    Your local Culligan Water dealer is your area’s water expert. Let us recommend which water softener can help you the most.

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    An easy solution to hard water problems — A Culligan Water Softening System reduces water hardness so you can enjoy softer skin, healthier hair, cleaner dishes, and fewer costs on laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

    Salt-Free Alternatives

    Ideal for small spaces and seasonal properties like rentals, cabins, or vacation homes, Portable Exchange solves your water softening needs without taking up the space of an installed water softener.