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Why test your water?

The importance of your home’s water quality goes beyond just the taste.

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When to test your home’s water

If you’ve moved

The quality of your water can vary depending on your water source and other environmental factors. A home water test can help determine what you’re dealing with and how to protect against future problems. If your new home has a water treatment system already, you should still test your water to ensure it is effectively addressing all current issues.

If you have a private well

Unlike municipal water systems, private wells aren’t regulated, so safety is the homeowner’s responsibility. Water testing can help uncover common issues like iron, sulfur and bacteria. It can also detect high levels of minerals—such as calcium and magnesium—which cause hard water problems such as dry skin, dry hair and buildup on pipes and faucets.

If you have odor or taste issues

Between coffee at breakfast and pasta for dinner, there are plenty of ways you use water in the kitchen. Water with an unpleasant odor or taste could make your culinary experience anything but enjoyable. For example, iron is known to leave a metallic aftertaste, while chlorine can create an unpleasant bleach smell.

If you have spots, stains, or buildup

Common indicators of water problems also include unsightly stains in your sinks, buildup on your showerheads and spots on your dishes. If left unresolved, water issues can cause long-term damage to your water-using appliances, costing you more money and headaches.
Testing Water in a Laboratory

What Culligan tests for

Your free home water test can reveal a variety of potential problems. Depending on where you live, your water source and any specific concerns you may have, your Culligan expert may also recommend sending in your sample for more in-depth laboratory testing.

Water hardness

Total dissolved solids (TDS)

Nitrates, iron and hydrogen sulfide

Chlorine and pH

More comprehensive testing

Culligan Water Testing Professional Speaking With Customer

Why choose Culligan for your in-home water test


Free and easy

Culligan home water testing is free and scheduled at your convenience. DIY water testing may seem simple, but results can be hard to interpret. You also won't get expert recommendations on solutions.


Local expertise

Culligan’s water experts have served your community for years. They’re knowledgeable about your local water issues and can recommend the right solution for your home and family.


Plumbing inspection

Your home water test will also include an inspection of your fixtures, plumbing, and appliances to understand what water problems may be impacting your home.


No obligation estimate

Your Culligan expert will share the results of your water quality test in minutes and provide a no-cost, no-obligation estimate of your water solution options.

What people are saying
about Culligan water testing

“Culligan was up to date on the water conditions in my area,

tested our water and made recommendations based on our needs. He answered my questions and provided a service I needed. Installation was quick and tidy. The system continues to work well.
Tom C., Joplin, MO

“My direct coordinator was Daniel, and he was amazing!

Daniel was perfect for us because he was not pushy, or overly excited. Daniel was great at listening to our concerns and very knowledgeable about various options and how they best suit us, and our family.
Aaron and Lissa Z., Ontario, CA

“Culligan took great care of both us

and my mother in law. Professional service from the start! Salesman, Derek, was informative and polite without any strong sales. Tested our water and left us with the confidence that we made the right decision.
Jeff and Tara C., Buffalo, MI

How to improve water quality

Every home is unique, and several factors—like whether you have well or city water—can affect your water quality. With your results, we can recommend solutions to provide you with cleaner, safer, great-tasting and soft water. And with options to purchase, finance or rent, any solution can fit your budget.
Water Softeners
Water softeners
Say goodbye to hard water and enjoy softer skin, smoother hair, cleaner dishes and longer-lasting appliances.
Whole Home Water Filtration Systems
Whole home water filtration systems
Get cleaner, safer water at every tap with these targeted filtration systems for whole-house issues like chlorine, iron, sulfur, arsenic, nitrates and more.
Drinking Water Filtration Systems
Drinking water filtration systems
Reverse osmosis systems can address a wide range of contaminants and give you a virtually unlimited supply of fresh, filtered water right from your sink.

Water quality testing FAQs

What is water quality?

Is my water safe to drink?

What’s in my tap water?

How can I test well water?

How often should water be tested?

Where can I get my water tested for free?

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Our Culligan water experts are ready to help you find the right solution for your problem water. We offer a free in-home water test, or we can schedule a phone consultation (you can select your choice in the next step).

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