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    How to Test Well Water

    Culligan expert using water testing kit
    Culligan expert using water testing kit

    How to Test Well Water


    Water. It’s something you use every single day. For something that’s so important, shouldn’t you know what’s in it?

    Private well water isn’t evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for quality, so if your home gets its water supply from a private well, it’s even more important to have your well water tested regularly.

    Well Water Testing

    Your local Culligan Water Expert can identify well water issues and determine how often your well water should be tested. Typically, Culligan and the EPA advise testing well water yearly for coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels with additional testing every two to three years for tannins, hardness, chloride, sulfate, alkalinity, iron, and copper.

    Certain symptoms of problem water are obvious – poor taste, bad smell, cloudy appearance, residue, and hard water stains. But other aspects of problem water don’t necessarily make themselves known – arsenic, copper, lead, E.coli, radon, and other microscopic bacteria – which is why it’s important to have your well water tested regularly.

    Culligan can perform an in-home water test to retrieve immediate insights about your water quality. Based on those results, it may be recommended that your water undergo more extensive analytical testing in our IL EPA-certified lab to evaluate your water quality and uncover other hard-to-identify water issues.

    Once your water has been appropriately analyzed, your local Culligan Expert will discuss the results and recommend the right water treatment solution for your home. 

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