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Why Water Delivery Could Be Right for You


With so many potential options available for great-tasting water, how do you know which solution is right for you?

Home water delivery could be the perfect fit for your family. While many people may associate these classic 5-gallon bottles with the workplace breakroom supply, the fact is that water delivery is a great option for the home or office. If you’re interested in getting set up with this useful service at home, you’re not alone. Residential customers appreciate many aspects of home water delivery. 

1. Quality Drinking Water at Home

Here’s a look at four reasons why this solution could be right for you, too.

Home water delivery can provide you with a great-tasting alternative to tap water, single-serve bottles or basic filtered pitchers. 

Water filtration processes and sources may vary among bottled water providers, but many use reverse osmosis, a process that can help remove many contaminants commonly found in tap water.* By minimizing the amount of contaminants in your water, reverse osmosis can provide you with great-tasting water that’s better for you.

Check which method your supplier uses to ensure you can get the kind of water your family enjoys delivered right to your home.

2. Unparalleled Convenience

Bottled water delivery services make it easy to ensure your family has an unlimited supply of top-quality drinking water available any time they need it. 

Help Your Family Drink Enough Water

It takes a lot of water to stay healthy. In fact, the adequate daily fluid intake is 15.5 cups for men and 11.5 cups for women, according to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, as reported by the Mayo Clinic.

With the convenience of water dispensers and home delivery, it’s easy to make sure you’re getting enough to drink. You won’t have to worry about opening a new bottle each time you want a sip, and by monitoring your household usage, you can get a sense of how much water your whole family is consuming. 

Stay Home and Drink Up

Single-serve water bottles require you to make multiple trips to the store or add a heavy, bulky item to your weekly grocery run. In addition, all those extra containers can take up a lot of space in your refrigerator if you prefer your water chilled. With home delivery, your water cooler is ready to go whenever you feel thirsty. That also means no more arguing over whose turn it is to fill up the filtered pitcher or making do with less-than-great-tasting water from your tap.

Less Effort for High-Quality Water

With delivery and dispensers, you can enjoy one of the most convenient solutions possible for having a regular supply of cleaner water in your home at all times. Depending on their availability in your area, you can also purchase options like spring water.

3. Affordability for the Household

Water bottle delivery isn’t just a cost-effective option for workplace drinking water. These days, the home often has to serve as an office and schoolhouse, too. 

Ensuring that the whole family has access to a frequently replenished dispenser is a worthwhile investment in your family’s health. Moreover, depending on your household usage and the rates from your local bottled water provider, there’s a good chance you could achieve cost savings for your family compared to purchasing single-use bottles. Because you always buy in bulk and make repeat orders with a high-quality vendor, you may be able to take advantage of subscription price breaks and other options to save on the cost per ounce.

4. More Sustainable Hydration

Speaking of single-serve containers, the costs don’t stop with your monthly budget. These items can have an environmental toll as well. 

Bottles were the second most-common plastic item encountered during a shoreline cleanup conducted by Greenpeace Canada in 2018, as reported by the CBC. A representative from the environmental group said that it was likely many of the waste items they removed were not littered initially, but this trash still wound up polluting the environment.

Switching to home delivery for filtered drinking water can be a great way to reduce the amount of plastic you consume. You’ll receive 5-gallon bottles instead of individually sized single-use containers, limiting your environmental impact while you still get to enjoy high-quality water.

Ready to give it a try? Get started with bottled water delivery today.


*Contaminants may not necessarily be in your water.

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