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The Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser in the Office


Hydration shouldn’t have to be a chore. However, that’s exactly what it can feel like if you rely on single-use bottled water or a water cooler with large jugs in your workplace. Plus, some water delivery services force you to put extra effort into your water supply — and that’s a distraction just waiting to happen.

If you’re ready to get smarter about hydration, it’s time to kick those old office water habits to the curb and learn all the benefits of a bottleless water dispenser. 

What is a Bottleless Water Cooler?

For optimal focus and productivity, you can’t put hydration on the back burner at work. That’s where a bottleless water cooler comes in.

Bottleless water coolers, also known as bottleless water cooler dispensers, are connected directly to your office’s water line for an uninterrupted water supply. This means you can say goodbye to that big bottle that makes your old office water cooler work — and everyone can say so long to their single-use water bottles, too. 

reasons why office hydration is important

Here are some of the main differences between bottleless water coolers and other office water solutions:

  • Built-in filtration: Culligan® bottleless water cooler dispensers have built-in filtration to improve your office water quality without a second thought. 
  • One-time installation: A bottleless water cooler doesn’t require you to deal with individual water bottles. Instead, the system is installed by your local Culligan water expert and it’s ready to go — no ongoing bottle purchase or delivery required.
  • Bottleless water: With plastic pollution increasing by the day, more offices are looking for ways to cut their environmental footprint by reducing their reliance on single-use plastics.
  • Unlimited water supply: If you use a traditional water cooler, running out of water means you have to rely on the tap or single-use plastic bottles until your next delivery. A bottleless water cooler eliminates that stress by connecting right to your water line.

Benefits of a Bottleless Water Dispenser in Your Office

What advantages do bottleless water dispensers deliver? Let’s take a closer look:


When it comes to bottleless water coolers, you have plenty of options. You can choose systems that make ice, that fit on a countertop, that offer customizable filtration and more — which means you’re sure to find something that fits your space and drinking-water needs.

Reduced Plastic Use

Plastic isn’t just a pollutant — it can quickly get expensive, too. A bottleless water cooler solves this problem by providing a simple, stress-free alternative to single-use plastic bottles.

Hydration Is Easier

The bigger your workforce is, the more water you’ll need. You can use an office water calculator to find out just how much drinking water you go through in an average month. For example, let’s say you have 100 employees and your workplace is open five days a week. To keep everyone hydrated, you’d need about 500 gallons per month. That’s a lot of water.

Luckily, with a bottleless water cooler dispenser, you and your co-workers won’t have to worry about where all that water will come from, and you won’t have to cut down on your water intake because someone forgot to schedule a delivery. Just grab your reusable bottle, head to the cooler and get the drink you’re craving.

Hot or Cold

Some people want hot water for coffee or other favorite drinks, while others are thirsty for cold water on a hot summer’s day. No matter what you’re looking for, a bottleless cooler can deliver.

Unparalleled Convenience

With bottleless water coolers, you’ll never have to worry about planning when and how your next water bottle will be delivered. You also won’t have to lift and store heavy water jugs, making hydration easier on everyone. 

It’s Not Just for Work

If you despise managing deliveries and lugging a heavy water bottle at work, you must be doubly frustrated by these same issues at home, where your coworkers aren’t around to pick up the slack. 

The good news is that a bottleless water cooler isn’t just for the office. You can install these units in your home, too — which means a virtually unlimited supply of filtered water without individual plastic bottles. You also don’t have to worry about popping a cup in the microwave to get hot water or keeping a pitcher in the fridge for cold water. Depending on the unit you choose, you might not even have to balance water in an ice cube tray on the way to the freezer, either — just let your bottleless water cooler dispenser do the job.

The Importance of Drinking Water at Work

Before we dive into workplace water solutions, let’s take a step back to appreciate why it’s important to have a convenient water supply at work. Here are just a few things to keep in mind:

Your Body Needs Water

Fluid plays a key role in just about everything your body does. Water helps:

  • Regulate your temperature
  • Lubricate your joints
  • Protect your organs
  • Carry oxygen to your cells

Drinking water is a great way to replace fluids your body loses through breathing, sweating and more. If you don’t drink enough, you could get dehydrated, which can interrupt some of your body’s natural processes (like efficiently removing waste from your kidneys). Naturally, that can be bad news for health and focus in the workplace.

Hydration is a Key to Health

Did you know that water improves your overall health in more ways than one? That’s right: Proper hydration can help improve brain function, boost digestion and more. It can also strengthen your immune system — an especially important benefit these days when there’s so much focus on health and safety in public spaces. That means drinking water at work is an easy way to help protect yourself and others.

Grabbing Water is a Miniature Break

With so much time spent sitting in front of screens, we can all use small breaks throughout the day. Getting up to grab a drink of water is the perfect excuse to stretch your legs, have a quick chat with coworkers and improve your hydration all at the same time.

Thirst is Distracting

It’s not just health that can suffer if you don’t drink enough. Without easy access to drinking water, employees may start to struggle with morale, productivity and even collaboration. After all, thirst is distracting, and it doesn’t create an environment where people can do their best work.

Find Your Perfect Bottleless Water Cooler

If you’re tired of working for your water supply (instead of the other way around), it’s time to ditch traditional water coolers. A bottleless water cooler dispenser is an efficient and environmentally friendlier solution that will let you avoid the hassles of bottle purchase and delivery, applying separate filtration solutions and more.

Contact us today to find the best bottleless water cooler for your office.

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