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Save money, reduce plastic waste and provide a variety of beverages for your breakroom.

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Access deliciously filtered hot, cold or room-temperature water from anywhere in the office.

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Specifications of the Culligan Peak Combination Ice Maker & Water Dispenser

The Culligan Peak Combination Ice Maker & Water Dispenser is Designed to Ensure:

  • Higher-Quality Ice With ice made from filtered water, you can feel just as good about what you’re putting in your water as you do about the drink itself.
  • High-Capacity Production Your office can enjoy 44 lbs. of bullet ice a day and more than six gallons of cold, hot and ambient water.
  • Reduced Waste Help lessen landfill waste with a system that saves thousands of single-use plastic bottles annually.




Culligan Water® makes payments easy with no hidden fees or additional charges, just one upfront monthly price.


Whether you need ice to keep employees refreshed or filtered water to keep them hydrated, this two-in-one system provides both.


Surface protection helps prevent cross-contamination, so your office can enjoy cleaner water and ice in more ways than one.

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The Culligan Peak Combination Ice Maker & Water Dispenser Brings You:


With four built-in filters, including reverse osmosis, feel confident that your system is reducing particles and contaminants so you can enjoy cleaner, safer water and ice.*


With options for hot, cold or ambient water as well as ice, employees can enjoy a cold glass to start the day or hot tea while working through the afternoon.


The large water and ice dispensing area is perfect for tall bottles and cups, so more employees can enjoy fresher, cleaner water and ice.

*Contaminants may not be present in your water.