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Hurricane Harvey and Safe Drinking Water: What You Need To Know

On August 25th, Hurricane Harvey, the first Category 4 Hurricane to hit the United States since 2005, made a devastating impact in the eastern Texas, Houston area and extended to parts of western Louisiana. USA Today reported 19 trillion gallons of rain fall in southeast Texas and 5.5 trillion gallons over Louisiana—more than 30,000 people fled to Houston shelters. Hurricane Harvey is estimated to be the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history at an estimated $190 billion. And in Harris County alone, Texas’ most populous county, there have been 136,000 flooded structures, according to New York Times.

As major flooding continues, the aftermath is in full effect and recovery efforts are underway. A natural disaster such as this brings attention to the contamination of drinking water. The dangers of contaminated drinking water can be severe, causing a range of health effects spanning from vomiting, diarrhea and even death. The World Health Organization warns that floods can potentially increase the transmissions of water-borne diseases like hepatitis A and vector-borne diseases such as malaria. Drinking water issues and finding safe drinking water are main concerns right now in the affected areas.

Importance Of Following A Water Boil Order

Water boil orders have been issued in certain districts—meaning the residents in the area have been advised to boil their water to ensure the destruction of harmful bacteria and microbes. Even if you have a hard water treatment system in place, the flood effects on drinking water can be detrimental, therefore, the importance of boiling water has never been greater.

How Culligan Is Helping With Relief Efforts

With dirty floodwater causing water contamination, Culligan has delivered truckloads of bottled water to our dealerships in Texas for distribution to affected residents and first responders. The nature of our business has always been to promote clean drinking water, and we’re doing everything we can to raise awareness and lend a hand during this crisis. We are monitoring the situation closely and continuing to work with our dealers to help with ongoing relief efforts.

Check Out How You Can Get Involved

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey calls for us as citizens to all come together and help our neighbors. If you’d like to join the cause, visit Culligan Cares to see how you can donate and get involved. Be sure to follow the Culligan Facebook page for updates and volunteer opportunities. By educating the community about the impact that flooding has on drinking water and making clean water available, those who endured this natural disaster can stay healthy and get through this difficult time.