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Culligan Hits the Road to Show Off Innovative and Configurable IW RO System

IW Launch event at Culligan warehouse

The launch event of the IW Reverse Osmosis System in early November brought scores of Culligan Dealers and prospective buyers to Culligan’s manufacturing center in Libertyville, IL. The reactions of the attendees were enthusiastic: some called the IW “a game changer” for Culligan’s position in the large Commercial RO market.

The flexibility of choosing the exact mix of features and performance of an RO based on its application translates to the IW being the cost-effective solution for both operating and capital expense-minded projects.


The Whistle-Stop Tour

Taking to heart the idea that “seeing is believing,” Culligan put together a plan to showcase the IW to several hundred more potential customers on a country-wide tour of the US. In a never-before-offered opportunity for training, the Culligan team strived to make this tour an interactive, educational, and fun experience to help customers fully understand and appreciate the IW’s technology.

Our expert manufacturing team in Libertyville made slight modifications to a standard IW system that allowed it to operate and produce RO water without leaving the flatbed trailer. New features like the permeate flush and PLC suite were included on the unit to demonstrate additional detail. The success of this tour in large part has been due to the team of Culligan International employees who have been working seamlessly to transport, set up, and train on the IW at each location.


What’s Next?

After logging 5,000 miles since departing the factory in November, the IWRO continues to impress those who attend the demonstrations. In the next few weeks there will be several more stops along the East Coast and in the Great Lakes region before the IW tour ends where it began in Libertyville, just in time for the New Year.

Be sure to follow Culligan to hear more details about the IW on its continued journey around the country.

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