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Get FREE SALT FOR 1 YEAR this holiday season by purchasing a new water softener.


Get FREE SALT FOR 1 YEAR this holiday season by purchasing a new water softener.


Let us carry your salt for 1 year.

The holidays are fast approaching and here is your chance to have one year of free salt delivered into your salt tank. A new water softener will reduce the staining on your sinks, showers, dishes and toilets and the soft water will lower the cost of house cleaners, soaps and shampoo.

Thinking about upgrading your softener? The new softeners are equipped with a counter,  it will do a backwash only after a certain amount of gallons are used and not set every second day like the older models; this means you will be saving on salt on a yearly basis.

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Promotion ends Dec.31/2022

Take advantage of our Free Salt for a year Holiday special!

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