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Water Without Worry

Culligan Water® provides you and your family with cleaner, safer water you can trust. Our drinking water filtration systems are certified to reduce up to 60 contaminants.* With Culligan, you can get fresh, filtered water for pennies a glass.

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    Invest in Safety with Drinking Water Filtration Systems

    Culligan reverse osmosis systems can reduce a broad range of water issues, including viruses, bacteria, nitrates, mercury, arsenic and lead, as well as 15 emerging contaminants. With Culligan Water, you can feel good about providing your family water you can trust.

    Up to seven stages of filtration and 12 filter options

    Unlimited cleaner, filtered water from the tap for drinking and cooking

    Systems tailored to meet your specific water needs

    Experience Worry-Free Water With Water Softeners

    Quality matters in the water you use for bathing and cleaning, too. Culligan water softeners reduce the hard water minerals that cause buildup on your appliances and fixtures and negatively impact your home and family.
    Protect Your Home With a
    Water Softener


    Cleaner, gentler water to protect against dry, itchy skin and scalp


    Our salt delivery program makes it easy to keep your system working at its best


    A selection of products backed and certified by third-party organizations

    Common Water Filter and Softener Questions

    What Contaminants Can Reverse Osmosis Address?

    Reverse osmosis drinking water systems from Culligan Water are certified to reduce up to 60 contaminants, including viruses, bacteria, lead, arsenic V, pharmaceuticals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well as 15 emerging contaminants such as PFOS/PFOA. They offer up to seven stages of filtration and 12 filter options to create a customized approach for targeting the unique issues with your home’s water.

    How Does Reverse Osmosis Water Compare to Bottled Water?

    Many people concerned about their water quality turn to single-serve plastic bottles as a “safer” alternative to tap. But the fact is, bulk bottles from the store may not be the best choice. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration bases its regulation of single-serve bottled water on the same standards applied to tap water, and some bottled water actually comes from the same municipal water sources that provide local tap water. Reverse osmosis drinking water systems provide an unlimited supply of safer water for just pennies a glass without the hassle or cost of single-use bottles. By enjoying filtered tap water from your home, you can also help reduce oil, gasoline and plastic bottle waste that results from their production and disposal.

    Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

    Drinking hard water is generally safe. That said, hard water can have unfavorable effects on the health of your skin and hair. When showering, hard water can reduce moisture and leave behind a film, making hair and skin feel less clean to the touch. This may cause dandruff in your hair and irritate and instigate dry skin problems such as eczema. Hard water may also affect the health of your home by damaging pipes, leaving spots on dishes and creating limescale buildup on water-using appliances. This could impair their efficacy and shorten their lifespan over time.

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