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Your Water Prescription

You’re one step closer to better water. Review the following possible Culligan solutions below, and contact your local Culligan Water Expert so he can help you determine which is right for you.

Water Softeners

With a Culligan Water Softener System in your home, everything that involves water gets better. Think cleaner laundry and dishes with every wash. Or, softer skin and shinier hair. And, don’t forget even bubblier soap in your bubble baths.

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Water Delivery & Coolers

Our bottled water delivery service turns to-dos into ta-dahs! Your local Culligan Water Expert delivers your choice of bottled water direct to you. No more grocery runs, loading or lugging bulky containers. We do the work. You take care of business.

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Drinking Water - Reverse Osmosis

Drinking Water Systems

Tired of waiting for your water pitcher to fill up and filter through? Or re-thinking how single use water bottles impact our environment? Sounds like it’s time to ditch your water pitcher and start enjoying the peace of mind that comes with having clear, pure water on tap. Culligan’s drinking water systems improves how your water looks, tastes and smells by removing common contaminants like:

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Whole House Water Filter Systems

Water’s role at home goes far beyond keeping us hydrated. It’s an essential part of our daily lives: from cooking, to cleaning and everything in-between. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that your home’s water is the purest, cleanest it can be for your family. For decades, Culligan’s whole home filtration systems have improved the water quality of thousands of homes worldwide by removing common contaminants like:

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