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Alabama Water Quality Facts

Alabama boasts one of the largest supplies of freshwater in the country in the form of large rivers, like the Chattahoochee and Perdido, as well as many streams, wetlands, and groundwater supplies. However, a growing population and recent droughts have put a strain on residential water supplies. This has lead to increased water contamination by chemicals like arsenic, and created a need to use more anti-bacterial chemicals like chlorine. These can lead to a variety of problems around your home, including dry, itchy skin and generally bad-tasting water.

Much of Alabama's groundwater supply comes from limestone aquifers where the water contains high amounts of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. Living in areas close to these water sources means you may experience problems ranging from limescale buildup to spotty, cloudy dishware. For all kinds of issues, there's a Culligan solution you can trust to provide cleaner, better-tasting water.

Different areas of Alabama can experience distinct water problems, so water quality may vary widely, even within the same city. Learn more about the water where you live now.

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