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One of the main water issues residents face is the high levels of metals present in the city's water — many of which are not harmful. However, one to watch out for is uranium. Recently, residents have been urged to test their drinking water after 70% of five dozen private wells sampled since the beginning of 2014 have tested positive for uranium contamination.* Uranium is a mineral that can seep into drinking wells through the nearby bedrock. Those who are exposed to high levels of uranium for a sustained period of time run the risk of serious health issues.

August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems Norwalk residents get their water from a combination of groundwater, public reservoirs, and private wells. Schedule a Free Water Quality Test
August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems The water in Hartford comes from surface water sources in watersheds that cover almost 90 square miles. The water supply comes from both the […]
August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems The water across the state of Connecticut comes from a multifaceted system of streams, rivers, and reservoirs. In addition to these common sources, many […]