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  • Fluoride – Although fluoride is added during the water treatment process to promote strong teeth, elevated levels can be caused by erosion of natural deposits and fertilizer runoff.
  • Nitrate – Nitrate can become present in water from fertilizer runoff, leaching from septic tanks, and erosions of natural deposits.
  • Sulfate – Compounds like sulfate are often used as an additive during the treatment process.
August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems Rockford’s water supply comes entirely from groundwater. Municipal water is drawn from aquifers using 40 sandstone wells, which range from 100 to 1,600 feet […]
August 26, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems The majority of Cheyenne’s water supply comes from melting snow that flows through mountain streams in the Medicine Bow and Laramie mountain ranges. Additionally, […]