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When higher-than-usual amounts of organic matter are present in your water, it can cause water to become tinted or discolored. This can affect the taste and smell of water, and also lead to stained laundry and appliances.

Your local Culligan Water Expert is an expert on your water, can test it to determine any problems, and provide the best way to address them.

August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems The drinking water in Philadelphia comes from surface water from the Schuylkill and Delaware rivers – each contributing to approximately half of the city’s […]
August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems Tap water for Allentown is drawn from the Little Lehigh Creek, the Lehigh River, the Schantz Spring, and Crystal Spring. Water from each of […]
August 27, 2019


Solutions For Your Water Quality Problems The city of Albany primarily gets its drinking water from the Alcove and Basic Creek reservoirs. The water is purified at several local water […]