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The Culligan Platinum Care Program is our way of making sure that you always have the best water possible for your family. When you sign up for the Culligan Platinum Care Program, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning, servicing or maintaining your water system.* Instead, your local Culligan Water® expert will be there to keep it running in top condition with regular and reliable service.

With proper care, your system will provide years of high-quality water for your family and home. With the Culligan Platinum Care Program, you get complete service and protection for only pennies a day.



Depending on your location and system, we will set a schedule to regularly check your Culligan Water softener or reverse osmosis drinking water system. Here’s an example of what you can expect from your Platinum Care package.

Water Softeners
  • Regular salt deliveries every 12 weeks, 4 bags per delivery (maximum 16 bags per year; get a reduced price on any additional bags needed)
  • An inspection with every salt delivery to ensure your softener is performing properly
  • An annual 28-point inspection and tune-up, including a water test, preventative maintenance inspection, chemical cleaning of resin, sanitization of brine tank, and replacement of control valve seals as required
  • No charge for parts or labour on required repairs


Drinking Water Systems
  • Annual or bi-annual filter change (as needed for one- or two-year RO filters)
  • Annual scheduled service call for cleaning and sanitization
  • Annual water test (bi-annual for systems with a two-year filter)
  • Replacement of reverse osmosis membrane as needed
  • Annual replacement of TDS indicator light battery
  • No charge for parts or labour on required repairs

UV Systems
  • Annual cleaning and sanitization
  • Annual ultraviolet bulb change
  • Annual filter change
  • Quartz sleeve inspection and annual cleaning, if required
  • No charge for parts and labour on required repairs

*Some restrictions may apply. The Culligan Platinum Care Program is available for purchase by new Culligan Water of Canada water softener and reverse osmosis system customers within 6 months of purchase date. The program is not typically available for customers with rental, whole-house filtration or bottled water systems. First 12 months free offer is based on 24-month term. 


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