• Save $500 on Whole Home Water Treatment

    $500 off whole home water treatment

    Save $500 on Whole Home Water Treatment

    Get $500 off any combination of HE water softener, drinking water system and filtration system – with no payments until 2022.*

    You deserve cleaner, safer, soft water throughout your home. Why choose Culligan Water®? Our new line of Aquasential® water treatment systems offers:

    • Advanced, proprietary water softening and filtration technology that can eliminate hard water and reduce issues with iron, chlorine and more
    • New sleek, modern design
    • Remote system updates & monitoring for water softening solutions
    • Two-year filter life option and premium faucet selections for RO systems
    • Targeted solutions designed for specific problems, including well water treatment

    Right now, you can also rent any of our water treatment systems starting at $9.95/month for the first 3 months.*

    Get a free inspect and check on your current water treatment system with a free water analysis, too.

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    *OAC. Limited time offer for Culligan Water of Canada dealers; dealer participation varies. Offer available through 12/31/21.

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