• Get 2 Packs Free When You Join The Bottled Water Club

    This holiday, get 2 cases FREE when you sign up for monthly water delivery!

    Get 2 Packs Free When You Join The Bottled Water Club

    Enjoy Better Water This Holiday Season

    Get 2 Cases of Water Free When You Sign Up For The Culligan Bottled Water Club*

    This holiday season, improve the water quality of your home.  You’ll get 2 cases of water for FREE when you join the Culligan Bottled Water Club.  You’ll get a dual-temperature water dispenser and 5-gallon jugs delivered to your door every month.  There’s never been a better time to sign up for the Culligan Bottled Water Club.

    If you find you need more or less water in a month, just give us a call. Stop driving to stores for bottles of water or refilling endless water pitchers and spend more time enjoying the holidays with your family.

    Getting started is simple. Just complete the form and a representative will contact you—often within 15 minutes —to help you get started.


    *Dealer participation may vary. Not valid with other offers. Offer good through 12/31/21.

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