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RR Donnelley

Customer: RR Donnelley

Description of Business: A NASDAQ listed company (Nasdaq:RRD), RR Donnelley helps organizations communicate more effectively by working to create, manage, produce, distribute and process content on behalf of its customers. Based in Chicago, the company provides print, digital and supply chain solutions, assisting customers around the world in developing and executing multichannel communication strategies that engage audiences, reduce costs, drive revenues and increase compliance.

Contact: Mr. Kirk Brune, Maintenance Manager

RR Donnelley was in need of a reliable partner for monitoring and maintaining the water treatment system for the facility but most importantly, the cooling towers.

The existing system would occasionally pass hard water due to low flow and an unbalanced plumbing configuration. This resulted in higher chemical levels used in the tower to protect against scaling. RR Donnelly wanted to lower the chemical cost, which had increased due to the system issues, and reduce the excessive water use.