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Performance Chemical Industry

Customer: Leader in the Performance Chemicals Industry

Description of Business: A leading global force in pulp bleaching technologies, paper chemicals, colloidal silica and expandable microspheres. The company provides innovative and sustainable products and technologies that are widely used by customers in a large variety of industrial applications. Its 2,500 employees operate in 32 countries.


A water solution was needed to provide pure water as makeup to a key product. At issue was concern that this product periodically experienced discoloration and the formation of some precipitants after it had been on the shelf for 3-5 months, resulting in returns. Solving this problem was a top priority for the company, which is known for its superior product quality.

Initially, Culligan began working with the company on a trial that used a reverse osmosis (RO) system for process water feed. Culligan installed a temporary 150gpm RO system for the two-month trial, which was thought to be long enough to produce and test multiple batches of the specific product that was of concern.

As the trial progressed, the customer added an additional six months of testing in order to gather more data. During this trial, they began to see the hoped-for results with the specific product. At that point, they started to use the pure water in other processes to determine whether they could derive any additional benefits.

The strategy was successful. The customer saw improvements across their product lines that helped justify the purified water. Those improvements included an overall higher product quality when using higher quality water, the virtual elimination of off spec product, and an increase in production time due to reduced mixing times using the pure water.