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Culligan Success Story

Our Pizza House

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Customer: Our Pizza House, Pearl River, New York

Description of Business: Small restaurant/take-out deli

Contact: John Nahas, owner Our Pizza House, Pearl River, NY

“Water quality is a major part of what has made Our Pizza House the best in our county.” – John Nahas, owner Our Pizza House, Pearl River, NY

“Sticky business with New York-style pizza dough”
In 1977, John opened “Our Pizza House” in Brooklyn, New York. He perfected his pizza dough recipe, as well as sauces and other Italian specialties while operating his business and working as a New York City Police Officer. In 2005, John closed his Brooklyn location, retired from the NYPD and opened Our Pizza House in Pearl River. In a highly competitive market, John recognized that his success in this very family- oriented community depended on the quality of his ingredients and the taste of his food and beverages.

The water in Pearl River, NY is disinfected with chloramines and averages 12 grains of hardness per gallon. John explains “From my first batch of spaghetti when the pot actually turned black, I knew I would need Culligan’s help.” Further, he knew that local water would result in poor tasting dough that lacked the consistency

for authentic New York-style pizza as well as other Italian favorites. He was also concerned that the water hardness would ruin his dough tins with scale, and that untreated water would taste terrible. John wanted to have not only the best tasting, authentic pizza in town, but the most delicious and sought after sauce, fountain soda, ice, coffee, cappuccino, and espresso as well.

Superior service with every order

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