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National Hotel Chain

Customer: National hotel chain develops, owns, and operates hotels in the United States and Canada. The company has 682 hotels with approximately 76,000 rooms.

Description of Business: This national hotel chain is one of the largest hotel chains in North America serving customers in the mid-priced extended stay segment.


A national hotel chain implemented Culligan® water softener solutions to eliminate limescale buildup, improve the customers’ experience, reduce labor costs and protect their boiler investments.

The hotel chain needed a solution to address hard water conditions effecting guest experience and the hotel chain’s bottom line. Visible mineral buildup left behind by hard water was difficult to clean and stained in-room fixtures. That meant increased chemical costs and cleaning time, plus a negative impact on the customers’ perception of the hotel chain. In addition, hard water was creating scale buildup in the piping systems, which had the potential to create long-term, negative effects and void the warranties on the water boilers.

To improve their customers overall experience and reduce cleaning efforts and equipment repairs to fixtures and boilers, the hotel chain needed a commercial water softening solution that could seamlessly fit into the hotels’ existing frameworks.