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Gandy’s Dairy

Customer: Gandy’s Dairies LLC, Lubbock, Texas

Description of Business: Gandy’s Dairies, a division of Dean Foods, is a full service dairy processor and distributor serving the West Texas area. The 90 year old company began in Lubbock, Texas as Bell Ice Cream Company. Today its product line includes milk, buttermilk, ice cream, half and half, and fruit drinks.

Contact: Ann Walters, Cool Facility Manager

For the past nine decades, Gandy’s Dairies produced primarily dairy products. In 2014 the company added tea and juice to its product line, necessitating the installation of a new water treatment system designed to achieve precise water quality specifications.

Unlike fluid milk, tea and juice production utilizes a substantial amount of water.
In fact, water is the main ingredient, and as such, it must meet exacting quality standards. To achieve this goal, Gandy’s Dairies needed to add a high flow filtration system that would enable the removal of chlorine, chloramine and unwanted tastes and odors from the source water for the plant, the municipal water supply – thus achieving the required water quality.