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Four Seasons Resort and Club

Customer: Four Seasons Resort and Club, Dallas, Texas

Description of Business: World’s leading operator of luxury hotels and resorts. This facility is the only 5-Diamond rated hotel in Texas. They have an upscale clientele which includes celebrities. Room prices are as high as $2,200 per night.

Contact: Gerald Gleckman, Laundry Engineer

Gerald remembers “Hey, Culligan Man” from the time he was a child...there was a feeling of confidence and trust working with an established business.

Four Seasons had a softener but it was not a quality system. It had numerous valves that didn’t seem to have a real function, and they frequently got stuck. The system was obsolete. Gerald felt it was time to replace it.

Four Seasons had to frequently descale the boiler – six 5-gallon buckets at a time. They had a 2” copper line that had been reduced to an internal diameter of only 1⁄2” due to scaling.