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  • Culligan Success Story

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    Customer: Giovanni’s Restaurant

    Description of Business: Independent, high-quality restaurant/convention establishment.

    Contact: Joe Castrogiovanni, Owner, Giovanni’s Restaurant

    Giovanni’s restaurant has been using Culligan® softeners for dishwashers, bathroom, and more since 1997.


    “Thirsty for higher quality”

    Giovanni’s isn’t just a restaurant, it’s a 40,000 square-foot facility with space for banquets, weddings, meetings, seminars, and of course, fine dining. Giovanni’s Restaurant and Convention Center is known for its excellent food, great service and competitive prices.

    Throughout the Rockford area, Giovanni’s had a reputation for quality and couldn’t risk it being tarnished with inferior water. With poor tastingdrinking water for the tables and cloudy ice cubes and beverage make up, Giovanni’s had to make changes now to maintain the image of their establishment today and in the future.

    Superior service with every order


    We offered a product trial for their ice machines to prove that the icecubes would greatly improve. The equipment was in place for twomonths, and the customer agreed that it was needed.

    The treated water is piped to ice machines, beverage service, bar guns,steamers and remote bars.

    • Spotless steamer.
    • High quality table water, excellent beverages and crystal clear ice.
    • Compliments from customers.
    • Providing the best of the best. This is considered to be the finest restaurant in the city.
    • Strength of Culligan® reputation.
    • Reputation of the dealership and local service.
    • Customer-focused service department.
    • Overall Commercial/Industrial expertise.

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