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Culligan® Success Story Cadbury Adams

Cadbury Adams

Customer: Cadbury Adams, Rockford, Illinois

Description of Business: Cadbury Adams is a confectionary manufacturer, manufacturing mostly gum (Bubbilicious, Dentyne and Trident).

Contact: Sergio Zamora, Facilities Team Leader

With the Culligan® system, the customer estimates a savings of $14,439 in one year.

“Dollars going down the drain”
Water is a key ingredient in the manufacturing process at Cadbury Adams, a leading producer of top brands of chewing gum and confections. Their water treatment equipment, responsible for 200,000 gallons of water per day, was highly inefficient and wasting both water and salt. Not only was Cadbury Adams losing money, they were compromising their entire operation.

Cadbury Adam’s unique situation presented a significant opportunity for big dollar savings and a much lighter load on the municipal waste treatment plant.