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High-Quality Water for What You Value Most

Your home is an investment, and you want to keep it working and looking great. Yet hard water damages your plumbing, appliances, sinks, showers and more. Culligan Water® is here to help.
Get started today with a Culligan water softener for as low as $9.95/month for the first three months.*

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    Maintain the Value of Your Home With a Water Softener

    Water softeners reduce mineral deposits in pipes, water heaters and appliances as well as limescale buildup on sinks and showers. This helps water-using appliances and fixtures last longer and work more efficiently – and saves you money on repairs, replacements and cleaning.

    Schedule convenient salt deliveries to make maintenance simple

    See 46% lower operating costs by saving salt, water and electricity**

    Enjoy 24% energy savings when using softened cool water to wash clothes1

    Common Water Softener Questions

    How Do Water Softeners Work?

    As hard water enters your home, it flows through the water softener, where the resin removes hard water minerals (like calcium and magnesium) from the water. The softened water then leaves the system to flow through the plumbing all around your home. Water softeners automatically undergo a process called regeneration to periodically flush out the minerals left behind during the softening cycle. That process uses a brine solution to clean and restore the resin’s ability to exchange sodium for hard water minerals. The brine solution and hard water minerals are flushed from the tank, leaving the resin beads within the water softening system refreshed and ready to continue removing hard water minerals.

    How Can Soft Water Protect My Home?

    Soft water can protect your home by reducing mineral deposits from accumulating in your dishwasher, water heater, washing machine and pipes. Without excess buildup, water-using appliances can operate more efficiently; this also prevents discoloration and wear. A dishwasher that uses soft water can also leave dishes looking cleaner, without spots or streaks. You may notice shower doors and tubs have less soap scum, while faucets and shower heads have less limescale buildup.

    How Can A Water Softener Save Me Money?

    Better water can pay for itself. Using softened cool water to wash clothes can deliver up to 24% in energy savings1. Additionally, washing your laundry, hair and body in soft water can yield up to 50% lower costs on detergents, soaps and shampoos2. By protecting your appliances and fixtures from hard-water damage, you’ll also save on costly repairs and replacements as well as the time and effort spent cleaning unsightly limescale buildup. Unlike descalers, rinse aid and conditioners that act as a short-term fix to these problems, a water softener provides long-term protection for you and your home.

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