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Convenience and Quality at an Affordable Price

From helping your home run more efficiently to reducing your spending on single-use bottles, there are endless ways to get more from your water.

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    See Soft Water Savings Throughout Your Home

    Culligan soft water systems start at $9.95/month for the first three months.*

    Soft water saves time and money spent scrubbing limescale buildup and protects your water-using appliances so they last longer, saving you on early replacement and repair bills.


    Energy savings when using softened cool water to wash clothes 1


    Lower operating costs by saving salt, water and electricity**


    Lower detergent and soap costs by using soft water for laundry and showers 2

    Enjoy an Unlimited Supply of Fresh, Filtered Water

    Getting quality water that’s convenient and affordable isn’t too much to ask. With a Culligan Water reverse osmosis drinking water system, you’ll get an endless supply of cleaner, safer water for pennies a glass – right from your kitchen sink.

    Advanced Filtration

    Culligan RO systems are certified to reduce up to 60 contaminants, with up to 7 stages of filtration.

    Save Time, Money & Hassle

    No more buying, carrying and storing single-use bottles (and you’ll eliminate all that plastic waste).


    Enjoy the confidence of durable systems built to last, including optional two-year filter life.

    Common Water Softener and Filter Questions

    How Does a Water Softener Save Money and Resources?

    Hard water is caused by high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium. Water softeners help reduce these minerals, which cause limescale buildup on water-using appliances, leave spots on dishes, and prevent soap from lathering when showering or cleaning. With soft water, your water-using appliances will need less detergent, electricity and gas to perform their normal functions. You’ll even save on body soaps and shampoos by getting a better scrub with every wash. By reducing the amount of buildup, you’ll help prolong the lifespan of appliances like water heaters and dishwashers, as well as your plumbing system. Plus, water softeners from Culligan Water only regenerate when needed, saving water, salt and electricity. With systems like our HE Water Softener, you can also use the Culligan Connect App to track household water use so you can identify trends and cost-saving opportunities.

    What Are the Advantages of Filtration Systems Over Single-Use Bottles?

    Water filtration systems deliver the bottled water taste you love on demand with less hassle, cost and plastic waste. You can get an endless supply of high-quality water from the tap for drinking or cooking anytime you need it. Skip the extra trips to the store and the heavy lifting to and from your car. Plus, installed water filtration systems integrate seamlessly into your home and don’t take up extra fridge and storage space.

    Are Service and Maintenance Programs Available for Culligan Water Products?

    Yes, Culligan Water offers reliable service programs to make getting better water easier than ever. Schedule regular salt deliveries for your water softener to make maintenance simple. Depending on your dealer, this service also can include refilling your salt and inspecting your system. Some systems can automatically notify your dealer when service is needed. For water filtration systems, service programs are also available that can include cleaning and replacement of parts, filters and the reverse osmosis membrane as needed.*

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