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Enjoy better-tasting water with the Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filter System. This under-sink filtration option is one of the most cutting-edge reverse osmosis water systems in the industry. The smart filtration addresses the unique needs of your water type while providing cleaner, safer water.

The Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filter System offers:

  • 13 advanced filter options that solve multiple water problems
  • Your choice of designer faucets
  • Customizable under-sink water filtration for homes and offices

Get the Culligan Privilege Program for One Year FREE with Your Purchase**

The Culligan Privilege Program is our way of making sure that you always have the best water possible for your family. With the Culligan Privilege Program, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning, servicing or maintaining your water system. Instead, your local Culligan Water Expert will be there to keep it running in top condition with regular and reliable service. If we cannot repair a system, we will replace it at no additional charge.

Service on your Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filter System will include:

  • Annual scheduled service call for cleaning and sanitization
  • Raw and Reverse Osmosis water test
  • Annual replacement of all three filters (Sediment, Carbon, Post Carbon)
  • Replacement of Reverse Osmosis membrane as needed
  • Annual replacement of TDS indicator light battery
  • Check reservoir tank-pressure


* Culligan Privilege Program free for the first year after Aqua-Cleer purchase.

** Dealer participation may vary.

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