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Benefits of Having a Home Reverse Osmosis System


Reverse osmosis (RO) water is more than just filtered water. It offers a number of benefits for you and your home. Installing an RO system means getting a virtually limitless supply of safer, great-tasting water for your whole family while also making a positive difference for the environment and reducing your household expenses. Find out more about how an RO system can have a positive impact on your family.

Cleaner, Safer Water

a list of contaminants reverse osmosis systems reduce in drinking waterFrom sediment to harmful contaminants, there are a number of things that could be found in your tap water you may not be aware of.* Some of these substances can cause your water to produce an unpleasant taste or smell, while others may be harmful for your health over the long run.

Reverse osmosis water is a better, safer way to hydrate, cook and make beverages. The RO process reduces your exposure to potential contaminants, and RO water can be even better than what’s found in some kinds of single-use water bottles. 

A reverse osmosis system can help remove many of the potentially harmful pathogens and impurities commonly found in tap water, including:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Mercury
  • Particulates
  • And more

Why Is Reverse Osmosis Water Better?

If you’re wondering whether home reverse osmosis systems work, it’s important to understand that RO is one of the most effective methods of treating your drinking water for an expansive variety of possible issues.

Compared to other solutions, like a pitcher or tap water filter, RO systems address a wider variety of potential concerns. By itself, the actual reverse osmosis stage is a powerful water treatment option, and most RO solutions also follow a multistage process. In the pre-filtering phase, various filtration media are used even before feed water is forced across the semipermeable membrane, a key component of reverse osmosis. These complementary filtration solutions can often be adjusted to address the unique attributes of your home’s water.

Improved Taste and On-Demand Supply

Part of being a good host is having great food and drinks available to offer your guests. Continuously purchasing single-use water bottles can get costly and become a hassle. With an RO system, you can offer your guests great-tasting, high-quality water right from the faucet. Unfiltered tap water may contain contaminants, such as chlorine, which can negatively affect the taste or smell of your water. An RO system can minimize these problems so you and your guests can enjoy the best possible water for:

  • Drinking straight from the tap
  • Cooking pastas, soups and other recipes
  • Making beverages, such as lemonade, tea, coffee and homemade craft cocktails
  • Filling reusable bottles to hydrate on the go

Under-sink reverse osmosis systems treat water and then store it in a large tank, so it’s ready when you are. Tankless configurations are another option. These RO solutions treat water on the spot, providing extra assurance that you won’t have to wait for the high-quality water your family deserves.

Home RO Systems Eliminate the Need for Single-Use Water

Have you ever found yourself ready to go for a run, hop on your bike or otherwise break a sweat, only to realize that your water pitcher needs to be refilled before you can pour yourself a proper drink? If so, you may find yourself reaching for a single-use bottle instead of sitting around and twiddling your thumbs for an extra minute. With an RO system, you don’t have to make that choice.

Many people purchase single-use bottles as a quick and convenient way to have filtered water on hand at all times. However, the cons can outweigh the pros if you wind up relying too heavily on water sold in individual containers for all of your needs. Regularly buying single-use water bottles for routine use can have negative implications for the environment. 

According to Plastic Oceans, more than 8 million tons of plastic trash ends up in our world’s oceans every year, and a substantial amount of that is made up of single-use water bottles. While plastic is recyclable, about 80% of plastic bottles are not properly recycled. 

Here’s how an RO system not only benefits your family but also the environment:

  • You receive a virtually endless supply of high-quality water whenever you need it
  • You decrease your reliance on single-use plastic bottles, reducing the potential that these containers could inadvertently contribute to plastic pollution
  • You lower your overall carbon footprint, since extra resources don’t need to be used to package and ship your everyday drinking water

A reverse osmosis system offers a more convenient – and more sustainable – solution for your drinking water needs. You’ll be ready to go with great-tasting water all the time, without having to wait for pitcher filters or other more time-consuming solutions.

Save Money With a Reverse Osmosis System

When you have an RO system installed in your home, you have access to cleaner, thirst-quenching water around the clock. This means fewer trips to the store and less money spent on single-use water bottles or filters for refillable pitchers. When investing in an RO system, you’re not only saving yourself money, but you’re also saving time. Simply turn on your tap to prepare for cooking or fill your drinking glass with water you can trust.

What Is the Best Reverse Osmosis System for the Home?

Do you think that an RO system could be the right option for your household? If you’re ready to buy a reverse osmosis solution, there are several possible models available. Remember, there isn’t one single system that’s best for everybody, but you can find the solution that’s most suitable for your needs. Based on your preferences and the quality of your water, dedicated experts can help you talk through your options to decide on the ideal reverse osmosis system.

Here are some options for the best RO system for the home:

Aquasential® Smart Reverse Drinking Water Filtration System: The Aquasential Smart RO is certified to reduce 60 contaminants and offers up to 7 stages of filtration and 12 filter options. Smart technology lets you track water consumption and contaminants reduced. You can also see cost savings and bottles saved from reduced use of single-use plastic water bottles. Both the Aquasential Smart RO and Aquasential RO (listed below) are the world’s most efficient reverse osmosis drinking water systems.**

Aquasential® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: Get an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer water with a system that’s customized to your home’s specific water needs. Certified to reduce 60 contaminants, the system is designed for easy setup and maintenance. An optional integrated monitor light on your faucet can indicate when it’s time to change filters, which can last up to two years.

Aquasential® Tankless Reverse Osmosis System: The unique tankless design delivers the quality water your home depends on without taking up extra space under your sink. The filtration system reduces dissolved solids in your water by up to 95% and provides over 600 gallons of cleaner, safer drinking water per day. 

Specialized Filtration to Suit Your Needs

With Culligan RO systems, the different filters available include remineralization options like the Mineral Boost Cartridge. The reverse osmosis process is so thorough and comprehensive that some people prefer to customize the taste of their water by adding back beneficial minerals. This filter can also increase the pH of your water.

While the Mineral Boost Cartridge is not an essential component of an RO system, it is one option – among many others – that’s available for helping you achieve the perfect drinking water for your needs and preferences. Professionals can help you determine which filter configuration will help you get the most out of your reverse osmosis solution.

How Much Is an RO Water System?

The cost of a reverse osmosis treatment system will vary depending on the model you select, among other factors. If you’re trying to decide whether or not an RO system is worth the price tag, regardless of which model you’re considering, make sure to carefully weigh all of the factors, including:

  • The importance of having high-quality drinking water available whenever you need it
  • The benefits of using a solution that’s tailored to the specific issues found in your water
  • How much you could save over the long term compared to relying on single-use bottles for everyday drinking water
  • The convenience of having RO water available for cooking whenever you want, without having to continuously fill pitchers and wait for them to filter
  • The peace of mind you’ll enjoy, knowing that you have the support of well-trained professionals from a respected company like Culligan Water

Also, look for flexible payment options including financing or renting your reverse osmosis system if you prefer.

Is a Whole-House Reverse Osmosis System Necessary?

Some whole-house reverse osmosis water treatment systems do exist, but for most people, they may not be necessary. RO is an intensive treatment process that helps produce water that’s suitable for drinking. In many situations, more targeted filtration solutions are suitable for addressing water quality issues that you may be experiencing in other parts of your home. Your household water supply may require treatment for all taps, but that doesn’t mean you have to have RO water running through all of your water-using appliances, showerheads and more.

For many families, an under-sink RO system helps provide great-tasting drinking water at the point of use while the entire home benefits from the support of a whole-house filtration system. Specific models are available for treating water that contains sulfur, iron, arsenic and more. An expert can discuss your water test results with you to help determine what solution – or combination of solutions – will best meet your needs.

Explore Your RO Options Today

Whether you want to support the environment, make better choices for your family or save time and money, reverse osmosis water can help you accomplish your goals. Water is an essential part of everyday life. With an RO system, you can ensure your family members are getting the high-quality water they deserve.

*Contaminants may not necessarily be present in your water.
**Efficiency is based on 3rd party testing to NSF standards

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