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    Should I Buy a Reverse Osmosis System? Cost & Benefits

    : girl drinking a glass of water because her parents discovered how much a reverse osmosis system is & bought one
    : girl drinking a glass of water because her parents discovered how much a reverse osmosis system is & bought one

    Should I Buy a Reverse Osmosis System? Cost & Benefits


    What Is Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Filtration?

    Reverse osmosis is a process that filters water using specialized membranes. Before water reaches your faucet, it is derived from a well or from a natural source, such as the ground, a river or lake, and is transported to a treatment center. Along the way, water can pick up hard water minerals, which may not be removed in the treatment center A reverse osmosis system, however, can help reduce contaminants that might be  in your water. Before water flows out of your faucet, the system will:

    • Use pressure to push the water through specialized membranes
    • Capture large molecules, including contaminants, while allowing the filtered water to flow through the membrane
    • Reduce contaminants and leave you with fresher, cleaner water

    What Are the Benefits of Drinking Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water?

    graphic: benefits of reverse osmosisMany people don’t think twice about the water that comes from their taps – but they should. Drinking unfiltered water could cause implications for your home, like bad smelling or tasting water and stains and scale buildup on your water using appliances. It can also have negative health effects for those who drink it as certain contaminants, such excessive lead and arsenic, could result in heart issues.* Water containing certain contaminants can cause:

    • Bad odors: If your water smells like bleach, chlorine could be to blame.
    • Unpleasant tastes: You may notice a metallic taste in your cooked food or beverages, which can result from excess iron in your water.
    • Health problems: Certain contaminants, such as PFOS, lead and arsenic that might be in your water, can go undetected and pose a health risk. These contaminants have been linked to various reproductive and cardiovascular issues.

    Using and drinking reverse osmosis water can help make a difference for your overall quality of life. Benefits of a reverse osmosis system include:

    • Water that tastes, smells and feels better: With a reverse osmosis system, you can enjoy cleaner, better-tasting water for drinking and cooking.
    • Reduced unwanted minerals: A reverse osmosis system helps to remove calcium and magnesium, the two most common minerals that cause hard water.
    • Less lead in your water: Consuming large amounts of lead has been linked to increased blood pressure, reduced fertility and nerve damage. A reverse osmosis system can help reduce the lead from your water, making it safer for you and your loved ones.
    • Reduced sodium: Large sodium particles are less likely to pass through the reverse osmosis membrane filter.

    In addition to health and home benefits, a reverse osmosis system can also help to reduce the number of water bottles you purchase. This can help you save money while also offering a more environmentally-friendly solution.

    What Are the Different Culligan Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems Available?

    Every household is different. That’s why we offer a range of Culligan Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems to choose from. See how they compare below.

    Aquasential® Smart Reverse Drinking Water Filtration System: The Aquasential Smart RO is certified to reduce 58 contaminants and offers up to 7 stages of filtration and 12 filter options. Smart technology lets you track water consumption and contaminants reduced. You can also see cost savings and bottles saved from reduced use of single-use plastic water bottles.

    Aquasential® Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System: Get an unlimited supply of cleaner, safer water with a system that’s customized to your home’s specific water needs. Certified to reduce 60 contaminants, the system is designed for easy setup and maintenance. An optional integrated monitor light on your faucet can indicate when it’s time to change filters, which can last up to two years.

    Aquasential® Tankless Reverse Osmosis System: The unique tankless design delivers the quality water your home depends on without taking up extra space under your sink. The filtration system reduces dissolved solids in your water by up to 95% and provides over 600 gallons of cleaner, safer drinking water per day.

    Not sure which RO system is right for you? Contact your local Culligan Water Expert to find the best option for your home.

    *Contaminants may not be present in your water.

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