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5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of Your Smart RO System


If you’ve purchased Culligan’s Aquasential® Smart Reverse Osmosis (RO) Drinking Water System, you’re already enjoying cleaner, safer, great-tasting water right from the tap. But are you taking full advantage of all the features your smart filtration system offers? To make sure, take a look at these five ways to get the most value from your new smart RO.

1. Set Up Your System on the Culligan Connect App

Culligan Connect app setup screenConnecting your RO to the Culligan ConnectTM app puts useful insights about your water and your system’s performance at your fingertips. You can track important information from how much you’re drinking and how much longer your filters will last to the amount of contaminants reduced in your water (more on these later).*

Getting started is simple. First, download the Culligan Connect app from the Apple App Store or Google Play (you’ll see our reviews average higher than four stars!). Launch the app and create an account using your primary email address. You can use these instructions to pair your Culligan system with the app, and then begin the setup process to take advantage of your smart features.

It’s also a good idea to confirm that your local Culligan professional has connected your system on their end. This doesn’t require you to take any additional steps, but this connection enables them to receive alerts if your system has an issue. They can even perform some remote diagnostics if you have a problem, which could save you a service visit.

2. Set and Track Drinking Water Goals

Track hydration with Smart ROYou probably already know that water is a crucial ingredient to optimal function and wellness. The Culligan Connect app can help you and your family develop and maintain the healthy habit of staying effectively hydrated. You simply need to type in the number of people in your household and enter a goal for how many ounces each person should drink.

To help inform your goal, consider that the recommended daily water intake is about 90 ounces (11.5 cups) for women and about 125 ounces (15.5 cups) for men. This can vary based on your age, health, where you live and level of activity.

Once you’ve set this up, Culligan Connect will show your household’s daily drinking water activity and let you see how many days in the week that you collectively reach your consumption goal. What’s more, you can set an alerts to remind you to check whether you’ve reached your daily goal to help keep you on track.

3. Track Filter Life and Get Alerts

One of the biggest hassles of old-school filtered pitchers or refrigerator filters is the filter changes. Remembering to swap out those pitcher filters on time can be tough to keep up with, and while your fridge filter may have an indicator light, by the time you’re seeing it, it’s likely already too late.

Fortunately, your smart RO makes filter changes easy in two ways: First, you already have long-lasting filters – your Culligan RO has the option of getting filters with a typical life of either one year (or 1,000 gallons) or two years (or 2,000 gallons).

Second, your system does more than let you know when your filter needs to be replaced – you can also see how much filter life is remaining in real time right on your faucet (or ClearLINKTM PRO button) and also in the Culligan Connect app. Here’s how it works:

If you’re using the accompanying RO faucet, the electronic display has indicator lights showing the percentage of filter life remaining – plus an alert when replacements are needed, as seen below:

Culligan smart faucet displayIf you’re using Culligan’s proprietary ClearLINKTM PRO button to get RO water from your existing faucet, you can also see percentage of filter life remaining by the number of lights shown on top of the button (all 6 lights mean more than 80% of filter life is left; one light means less than 10% remains). The light on the button will go on if your filters need to be changed.

On both the faucet and ClearLINK button, the alert indicator light also will go on if your RO membrane needs changing (these last longer than the other filters, typically 3-5 years).

Smart RO filter life alertYou can get even more information on the Culligan Connect app – it estimates how many days and gallons are left before you need to replace your filters. You can also set up an alert for when it’s time to replace the filters (and the RO membrane), which you can choose to receive via SMS, a push notification or both.

It’s important to heed these filter change alerts to maintain your RO’s efficiency and performance. When you have your filters replaced, it’s a good idea to have your system sanitized as well.

You can easily contact your local Culligan team through the app to schedule this service – just click Support under the main menu on the top left. In fact, a great way to ensure your system is always running at its best is to sign up for a regular maintenance program from your local Culligan team.

4. Get Peace of Mind About Your Water’s Quality

Track contaminants and savings on smart appWith up to 7 stages of filtration and 14 filter options, your smart RO is certified for reduction of 59 contaminants. Just a few of these include chlorine, lead, mercury and total dissolved solids (TDS), which can affect the taste, odor and color of water.

It’s understandable that you’d like reassurance that your RO is doing its job, and the system has two ways of communicating its success. For starters, the electronic display on the drinking water faucet has a light that indicates effective TDS reduction.

The Culligan Connect app offers even more specific insights. On that interface, you can see the exact percentage of TDS and other contaminants reduced in your water.

5. Keep Tabs on Your Environmental Impact and Cost Savings

You probably purchase way fewer, if any, single-serve plastic bottles of water now that you have an RO. Your grocery bill benefits, and so does the planet since these plastics hurt the environment in so many ways.

You deserve a pat on the back, and the Culligan Connect app can help quantify what you’ve accomplished. At the bottom of the Smart RO dashboard, you can see a module labeled “Savings.”

The app displays how many single-serve plastic bottles you’re saving from landfills by getting your filtered water right from your tap – and it also shows the money you’ve saved by not purchasing the bottles.

You made a great decision when you bought the Aquasential Smart Reverse Osmosis System, which is the world’s most efficient RO system.** All these smart features add up to even more value from your investment. Have any questions on how to set up the app or make the most of its features? Just call our Culligan Connect help line at 877-870-6110.

*Contaminants may not be present in your water.
**Efficiency is based on 3rd party testing to NSF/ANSI standards for a tanked RO system.

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