Hotel Water Treatment

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Bad Water Sends Guests Packing

Win them over with exceptional, quality water that can transform everything from spa experiences to linens and morning coffee.

From the luxury of soft-water-laundered sheets and towels to the visible clean that comes easy with filtered water, the benefits of hotel water treatment reach beyond delightful guest experiences.

Custom solutions developed by our experienced Culligan Engineers mean whatever property and water needs you have, we have the resources to evaluate the best products for the job and the expertise to customize solutions exactly for your hotel’s water use, from the spa center to the coffee bar.

You benefit from:

  • Increased heavy-appliance lifespan and performance.
  • Energy savings from more efficient water heating and treatment.
  • Reduced cleaning time.
  • Longer-lasting sheets, towels, and textiles (soft water extends linen life by as much as 40%).
  • Fewer detergents and chemicals used in cleaning and laundering (between 30% and 35% savings).
  • Happier guests, with less hassle.

Your guests benefit from:

  • Softer, more luxurious linens and towels.
  • Better-tasting food and beverages.
  • Improved spa experiences in pools, hot tubs, showers, and more.
  • Visibly clean rooms and amenities.

When Guests Get What They Want, You Get What You Need

From food services and laundry equipment to cooling towers and hot water heater pre-treatment, the applications for hospitality and hotel water treatment are multifaceted, facilitating the many guest benefits of better-quality water, while your systems run more efficiently and provide a more consistent experience for guests and staff alike.

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