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Water Softener Systems

The wide array of Culligan commercial and industrial water softeners available for your business can reduce hardness and improve efficiencies with flow rates to meet any application, even those over a thousand gallons per minute.¹

Why Choose Culligan Water Softeners

From proprietary designs to dependable service, we’re here to ensure your business gets the best soft water possible.

Monetary Benefit

Reduce operating costs, energy savings and increase ROI.

Increased Product Lifespan

Soft water works efficiently to help extend the life of water-using equipment.

Higher Quality Water

Provide better, softer water that helps reduce scaling and equipment downtime.

Water Softeners

Culligan Top Mount (CTM) Softener

Get the latest control valve technology to offer superior flow rates and long-lasting performance.

Skidded CTM Softener System

Meet your water treatment needs with many pre-wired and pre-piped configurations.

HE 1.5 Softener

Improve efficiency for small- to medium-scale applications with Culligan’s patented technology.

Skidded HE 1.5 Softener

Pre-wired and pre-piped systems are available in multiple configurations and tank sizes.

HE 1.5 Twin Softener

Dual tanks provide a continuous flow or soft water 24 hours a day.

Hi-Flo® 3e Softener

This flexible and scalable system has a top-mounted control valve that reduces the pipe length needed for installation.

Skidded Hi-Flo® 3e Softener

Nearly 200 configurations are available with this pre-wired and pre-piped system.

Skidded CSM™ Softener System

Meet your water treatment needs with many pre-wired and pre-piped configurations.

CSM™ Softener

This heavy-duty softener is easy to install and service, and has a side-mounted control valve.

Hi-Flo® 50 Softener

The largest commercial-grade softener has a side-mount valve next for easy installation and maintenance.

Hot Water/Condensate Softener

Culligan hot water softeners are 316 SS single tank configurations for flow rates up to 12 gpm and maximum operating temperatures up to 180°F.

Skidded Hi-Flo 50 Softener

From assembly to installation, our top water softener model saves you time and space, and offers customization to suit your budget and performance needs.

Water Softener FAQs

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Can Culligan water softeners handle the demands of high-volume industrial operations?

Which industries attach value to the hardness of water?

What industries benefit from using Culligan water softeners?

How often should I service my Culligan water softener?

Reach the Highest Standard of Soft Water Quality

The Culligan Water Commitment

At Culligan, we’re the global leader in providing cleaner, safer soft water for a reason: since 1936, we’ve been focused on delivering innovative, sustainable solutions and unparalleled service.

Today, we serve 50 million customers every year with our network of professionally trained technicians, industry-leading warranties and a 30-day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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¹Flow rate with multiple systems at a 25 psi pressure loss per system.