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Across industries, Culligan takes an individualized approach to provide every commercial or industrial application with a tailored, complete and cost-effective solution.


Elevate the guest experience with great-tasting water and ice, as well as softer, brighter linens. With Culligan water treatment solutions, you can also prevent scale buildup and increase equipment lifespan while reducing costs and detergent usage.

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Whether it's for patients, healthcare workers or clinics, higher-quality water can benefit a variety of applications within your healthcare facility. Culligan systems can provide water treated with deionization and UV sanitization for those working in laboratories. They can also help improve equipment efficiency while reducing labor, laundry and maintenance costs.

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Keep your business running more efficiently with water that works as hard as you do. Culligan commercial and industrial water treatment systems can help reduce maintenance spend on parts and equipment, improve system efficiency and conserve more water along the way.

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Food Service

Whether it's water for drinking or that which is used for cooking, water is an essential part of the food industry business. That's why upgrading water quality is a small step that can make a lasting impression. With Culligan water treatment solutions, enjoy better-tasting water, spot-free glasses and dishes, reduced maintenance repairs and overall operating costs. Making these improvements can enhance the customer's dining experience and increase the chances for repeat business.

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From daycares to universities, Culligan commercial and industrial water treatment solutions provide benefits everyone can enjoy. Provide cleaner drinking water for students and staff, cut down on labor and costs, and improve sustainability efforts by reducing water waste.

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Keep your facility running efficiently while increasing profitability. Whether you're looking for ways to reduce your wastewater discharge, increase energy efficiency or bring drinking water systems to your business, Culligan can customize a solution that's designed and installed quickly so you can reduce operating costs.

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Consumer Applications

With leading-edge equipment options and global industry expertise from Culligan, you can feel confident that your consumers are receiving the best products possible. Save money, reduce scale buildup on fixtures and improve the quality and consistency of your offering.

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Industries Served

We understand that each business has unique water quality requirements. Culligan can customize a solution that meets your water treatment concerns within your budget, time frame and sustainability goals.


Assisted Living


Car Washes


Commercial Laundries


Correctional Facilities


Grocery Stores


Medical Labs


Surgery Centers


Metal Finishing





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At Culligan Water, we're the global
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Today, we serve 50 million customers
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