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Value Every Drop of High-Purity Water

Biopharmaceutical producers demand high-quality water with the fewest dissolved solids possible, for consistency in a variety of processes. Culligan modules include technologies that process water through softeners, filters, reverse osmosis, and continuous electro-deionization. These modules can produce multi megohm-cm, or ultra-pure water, for consistency in lab experiments. Systems also feature UV sanitization and sterilization to reduce contamination and microbiological growth.

Critical Issues and Applications

  • Multi megaohm ultra-pure water.
  • UV sanitization and sterilization.
  • Factory acceptance testing (FAT, IQ, OQ, PQ).
  • Validated acceptance testing (VAT).

Culligan solutions are end-to-end complete water treatment systems, because the modular design can be customized to meet your exact requirements. Culligan Engineers design a solution by first conducting a site and water analysis. Results are verified by Culligan’s own NELAP-accredited analytical laboratory. These results are considered along with your requirements for feed water, production, material, and site requirements. This helps us design a water treatment solution, which performs at the level and quality you require.

Culligan systems use cost-effective historical operating data logging, remote monitoring, and telemetry to help customers monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. With this information customers can respond proactively to alarms to promote consistency of production while reducing business risk.

The revolutionary modular design provides a complete, end-to-end solution for your particular set of needs. With the periodic maintenance checks and ongoing service available from Culligan, we can help you operate at improved efficiency.

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