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Culligan Provides Advanced Technologies and Cost-Effective Solutions for Grocery, Discount Stores, and Other Retailers.

Culligan is a global leader in water treatment solutions, providing advanced technologies and cost-effective solutions for grocery, discount stores, and other retailers. Each Culligan solution is tailored to your needs by a Culligan Application Engineer, for point-of-entry (POE), point-of-use (POU), and vended drinking water solutions.

By integrating Culligan solutions into your store, you will receive leading-edge equipment options and global industry expertise that will help you provide your customers an enhanced shopping experience.

  • Reverse osmosis water for produce misters, bakery ovens, and other sensitive equipment improves store appearance as well as reduces maintenance costs and extends equipment life.
  • Reverse osmosis water also improves the taste of water for customers, employees, and food/ beverage preparation.
  • Soft water helps reduce efficiency-robbing scale buildup in piping, plumbing, fixtures, and store equipment such as water heaters, boilers, and evaporative condensers. It also lowers energy, chemical, and detergent costs.

Get the Culligan Advantage

Culligan systems begin with an on-site water analysis and a consultation with a Culligan expert.

A Culligan Engineer partners with retail and grocery facilities to identify their individual water treatment needs. This information allows modules to be chosen based on the requirements of your facility. To maintain this quality standard service, programs are available from a local Culligan service branch and factory-trained Culligan technicians. Contact a Culligan Engineer today.

Water treatment uses:

  • Produce misters/water treatment.
  • Vended water
  • Food and beverage preparation
  • Cooling and chilling systems
  • Drinking water systems

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