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Water Treatment Solutions to Protect and Enhance Industrial Operations.

Cutting-edge water technology for oil and gas operations facilitates increased profitability and improved commercial competitiveness.

Revolutionary modular designs allow Culligan systems to be fully customized to specific water treatment needs, while being one of the fastest complete systems to market. Each system is designed and installed quickly so you can reduce operating costs.

Industrial Treatment Solutions and Applications

  • Reverse osmosis or ultra-soft water for oil field steam injectors.
  • Cooling tower make-up water.
  • Oil platform drinking water systems.
  • Wastewater discharge for regulatory compliance.
  • Microorganism control.
  • Water reuse and wastewater minimization.

Modular design also facilitates complete customization to meet ultra-soft water requirements for oil field steam generators. From permanent installations to containerized mobile systems to move across drilling sites, Culligan can customize systems to your water, process, and installation requirements.

During design, Culligan Application Engineers select modules to meet your goals and improve profitability. Employing a pre-treatment module for boilers and steam generators helps reduce scale formation on heating elements. Feed water treated with reverse osmosis can reduce total dissolved solids (TDS), leading to substantial improvements in maintenance costs, equipment lifespan, and ROI.

Culligan water experts evaluate opportunities to reduce wastewater while designing each system. Ion exchange, ultra-filtration, deionization, and reverse osmosis make it possible to reuse wastewater in other parts of production and may reduce total wastewater discharge.

Advanced Electronic Capabilities for Reliable Production

Culligan systems use cost-effective historical operating data logging, remote monitoring, and telemetry to help customers monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. With this information, customers can respond proactively to alarms to promote consistency of production while reducing business risk.

Whether you’re looking for ways to reduce your wastewater discharge or bring drinking water systems to your oil platform, Culligan can customize an industrial oil and gas treatment solution that’s perfect for your needs. Contact a Culligan professional to discuss options for improving your business, today.

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