Municipal and Community Drinking Water

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Improved Drinking Water for All

Culligan features modular technologies that can be readily mixed, matched, and tailored to varied feed water conditions to help meet municipal and community water treatment needs. A combination of ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis, and disinfection technologies can be used to inhibit bacteria and help provide quality water.

Critical Issues and Applications

  • Emergency response drinking water treatment needs during catastrophic events.
  • Emergency drinking water treatment demands on worksites.
  • Drinking water treatment for small – to medium- sized municipalities/communities.
  • Drinking water for specialty applications.
  • Customized drinking water treatment systems.

Culligan systems use cost-effective historical operating data logging, remote monitoring, and telemetry to help municipalities monitor and trend the performance of their water treatment equipment. For water treatment systems in remote locations, system performance email alerts can be sent to a handheld cellular device. With this information municipalities can respond proactively to alarms to promote consistency of water quality while reducing risk.

The modular design with pre-fabricated components creates one of the fastest complete systems to market, while helping you achieve your water quality needs. This reduces operating costs and minimizes use of capital and environmental resources.

Ultra-filter membranes offer improved backwash capabilities for longer life. Furthermore, membrane technologies may reduce the need for chemicals and may reduce the amount of wastewater discharge.

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