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Water Softener Salt Delivery to Your Home

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Water Softener Salt Delivery to Your Home


Between grocery store trips, work, soccer practices, school, and those errands you just have to do before your friend’s birthday, it’s no surprise we wonder where all the time in our day goes.

Notice how “thinking about your water softener” or “remembering to pick up water softener salt” didn’t make the list? We did too, and we want it to stay that way. We’ve offered Salt Delivery Service to our customers as a way to help cut down on all those little nagging things we sometimes forget to remember.

We also know, with an investment as large as your water softener, you really don’t want to leave it up to sometimes, occasionally remembering to replace the salt. To get the very best in terms of performance and longevity from your water softener or filtering system, it’s important to be on top of regular salt refills and maintenance. It just makes sense that we’d bring both the salt and the maintenance to you, on a schedule that works for you, and your water softener.

Salt Delivery Service

For any kind of water softener that uses salt, we’ve got a salt delivery solution. Besides the added convenience of replacement salt that comes to your door, right when you need it, there are additional benefits of using a salt delivery service for your water softening system:

The right type and grade of salt for your softener, every time. (So you’re not stranded in the store, scratching your head about the type of salt you bought last time, or wondering where that owner’s manual is that might tell you.) Better service for a longer-lasting, more efficient softener. Automated delivery system and scheduling lets you set it and forget it. Skip the heavy lifting – salt bags can weigh 40 lbs. or more! Let us handle it for you. Includes a basic maintenance check. (We promise not to tell if your water softener is in better shape than you are when it comes to getting regular checkups.)

So sign up with your local Culligan Water Expert to start salt delivery today, or learn more about the program if you have any questions – we’re happy to help!

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