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Save money, reduce plastic waste and provide a variety of beverages for your breakroom.

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Access deliciously filtered hot, cold or room-temperature water from anywhere in the office.

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Specifications Of The Culligan BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler

The Culligan BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler is designed to ensure:

  • Longevity Designed with the office in mind, the Culligan BluSoda comes in countertop or free-standing form with reduced dimensions, a quieter compressor and is ecologically sound for long-lasting, reliable water delivery.
  • Professional Performance With an outstanding eight gallons per hour cold water capacity, and two gallons per hour hot water capacity, the Culligan BluSoda is a compact powerhouse for bottleless water coolers.
  • Efficiency Culligan BluSoda is an energy efficient water cooler. Its signature Dry Cooling technology chills water quicker and more efficiently than the standard cooling process, and fills water at a rate of one gallon per minute.




Dry Cooling technology uses all natural refrigerant gases with zero-impact to the environment, to uphold corporate sustainability.


Quality water filters reduce sediment, chlorine tastes and odor, along with microscopic impurities, and the bottleless water cooler’s UV light sterilizes the tap to prevent bacteria growth.


Drink premium sparkling water to switch up the day-to-day routine, or hydrate with cold, room-temperature or hot water as you please.

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The Culligan BluSoda Bottle-Free® Water Cooler Brings You:


Get as much refreshing water as you need with BluSoda's outstanding 8-gallon-per-hour cooling capacity.


With Culligan, you get the advantage of working with certified sales, installation and service professionals.


Choose from cold, ambient and sparkling or cold, sparkling and hot.