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Specifications of the Aquasential Tankless RO

The Culligan Aquasential Tankless RO System Is Designed to Ensure:

  • Advanced Performance With smart sensors built into the system, the Aquasential™ Tankless RO System can immediately notify you if any issues are detected.
  • Efficiency Compared to traditional reverse osmosis systems, the Aquasential™ Tankless RO System produces 30x more water each day, allowing for an unlimited supply on demand.
  • Dependability With auto-cleaning, leak detection with automatic water shut-off and filter monitoring, the system can save you money on operating costs.




With higher-quality water right from your tap, you can use fewer plastic water bottles and help cut down on CO2 emissions.


The Aquasential™ Tankless RO system is backed by the Water Quality Association (WQA) to guarantee cleaner and safer water.


The tankless reverse osmosis system reviews your water quality and automatically checks for leaks so you don’t have to.

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The Aquasential Tankless RO Water Filter System Brings You:


Modern tankless reverse osmosis system takes up less space in your home.


Water is filtered on the spot rather than pulling from the tank’s reserve so you never run out of great-tasting water, no matter how much water you drink.


If your system detects a leak, it will automatically shut off to minimize damage to your home.