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National Accounts

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Culligan’s National Accounts Program Provides One Simple Point of Contact

Ideal for businesses, franchises, and multi-site operations, Culligan’s National Accounts Program provides one simple point of contact for all your office water delivery needs, no matter where your business is located, or how many locations you need to service.

  • Multi-Location Convenience: Product variety, local water knowledge, and expertise combined with nationwide service.
  • Single Point of Contact: Convenient, consistent contact with one Culligan National Accounts Team Member creates consolidated communication and billing, saving you time and money.
  • Water Service Simplified: Free water analysis, custom reporting, and Culligan expertise helps keep your business running smoothly.

Join the over 600 North American dealers who have already discovered the Culligan difference. Simplify your office water cooler program with your local Culligan Water Expert, who can recommend products and services that are perfect for your business. Email our National Accounts Team today to learn more, or fill out the form.

Commercial Water Solutions

Backed by 80 years of experience and expertise in water treatment technology, as well as a strong, established supply chain, Culligan provides water treatment products and solutions for commercial application and industries from heavy manufacturing to hospitality, healthcare, and more.

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Compact, convenient and cost-effective. Choose from free-standing or countertop Bottle-Free® coolers and dispensers to find the right fit for your office.

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Bottled Water Coolers And Dispensers

From the kitchen to the conference room, find fresher water anywhere in the office. Choose from flexible, hassle-free delivery options to support your workplace needs.

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Enjoy better-tasting water right from the faucet with reverse osmosis water filters. With easy installation under kitchen sinks, employees can get even faster access to healthier water.

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