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Bottleless Dispensers And Coolers

Save money, reduce plastic waste and provide a variety of beverages for your breakroom.

Bottled Water Coolers

Access deliciously filtered hot, cold or room-temperature water from anywhere in the office.

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Specifications of the Ascent CT Bottleless Water Cooler

The Ascent CT Bottleless Water Cooler is Designed to Ensure:

  • Fast Dispensing These thoughtfully designed dispensers provide 3 liters of cold water or 2 liters of hot water per minute.
  • Multi-Stage Purification Our proprietary five-stage filtration process reduces contaminants, unpleasant tastes and odors while adding minerals and electrolytes.*
  • Convenience Eliminate the hassle of managing deliveries and lifting and storing heavy bottles in your office with this compact system.




Feel confident about safety with touch-free dispensing and an extra layer of protection from in-tank UV sanitization.


Each unit saves over 10,000 single-serve bottles a year, which means your business can do its part in protecting the planet.


These systems are certified by independent, authorized third-party laboratories in accordance with industry standards, so you can feel confident about your water.

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The Ascent CT Bottleless Water Cooler Brings You:


The built-in Mineral Cartridge adds minerals, electrolytes and enhanced alkalinity to your water.


Our trusted network of local experts can ensure your business is getting the quality water and service it deserves, all at a fixed monthly cost.


The large, 11.75" high dispensing area is perfect for tall bottles, cups or mugs that your employees may bring to the office.

*Contaminants may not be present in your water.