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Save money, reduce plastic waste and provide a variety of beverages for your breakroom.

Bottled Water Coolers

Access deliciously filtered hot, cold or room-temperature water from anywhere in the office.

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Specifications of the Ascent 40 Bottleless Water Cooler

The Ascent 40 Bottleless Water Cooler is Designed to Ensure:

  • Dual Dispensing Choose from hot or cold water for cups of just-right coffee in the morning or refreshing iced tea in the afternoon.
  • Five-Stage Filtration With multistage filtration that includes sediment and carbon filters, reverse osmosis, mineral enhancement and a final polishing filter, you know you’re getting water you can trust.
  • Eco-Friendly Solutions Reduce landfill waste from plastic and save over 10,000 single-serve bottles annually.




With no need to lug and store heavy plastic bottles, you could reduce workers’ compensation risks.


The unit provides an unlimited supply of great-tasting water at a fixed monthly cost, which includes service.


Your Culligan Water expert is available at a time that is convenient to your office for maintenance and service visits.

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The Ascent 40 Bottleless Water Cooler Brings You:


Get an extra dose of confidence with antibacterial spigots and a built-in air filter that helps reduce airborne particles entering the storage tanks.


The large, 10.2-inch-high dispensing area is perfect for tall bottles and cups, so employees can use the system for almost any beverage.


The Ascent™ 40 Bottleless Cooler is certified by independent third-party laboratories in accordance with industry standards.