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    What Does Iron In Water Look Like?


    What Does Iron In Water Look Like?


    The presence of iron in water is common in certain areas. Depending on where you live, and where your water comes from, you may have noticed some unpleasant and unsightly clues around your home hinting at the presence of iron in your water.

    Iron can make it into your water through one of two ways: seepage from groundwater containing trace amounts of iron or corrosion of pipes as water travels from well to tap. So how can you tell that the problems you notice with your water are in fact related to the presence of iron?

    Stained Laundry and More

    Iron in water will make itself known in the form of red, yellow, and brown stains on laundry, dishes, and pretty much any surface that frequently comes into contact with your water, like sinks and tubs.

    Clogged Appliances

    When iron is present in water, trace amounts will often collect in appliances. These trace amounts of iron can build up over time, eventually clogging your laundry machine, dishwasher, sprinkler system – any mechanism that relies on water to function.

    Metallic Taste in Food and Beverages

    Iron is known to cause a metallic taste in both food and beverages made with contaminated water. In addition to the poor taste, you’ll notice beverages and food prepared with iron-rich water will appear inky or dark.

    Getting Rid of Iron in Your Water

    To be sure your problem water is caused by iron, your water can be tested for mineral content. The most common and effective way of dealing with iron in your home’s water is with a water softening or filtration system.

    Your local Culligan Man can perform a comprehensive water test to determine what is causing your water problem and recommend the right solution to get fresher, cleaner water in your home – schedule an appointment today.

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