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Culligan Home Water Filtration System Cost


Before reaching out to your local Culligan water expert, one question you might be asking yourself is, “How much does a Culligan water treatment system cost?”

Investing in Better Water

The short answer is that the total cost can vary depending on many different factors. Are you looking for a water filtration system, a water softening system, or one that does both? What sort of water problems are you experiencing, and what water problems may you have that you’re not even aware of yet?

Because your specific water goals will depend largely on your home’s water, actual pricing can vary. And it’s difficult to say what solution will suit your water best without starting with an in-home evaluation from your local Culligan water expert. Our systems are designed with your water in mind to provide a custom solution to treat your unique problem water.

You Get More than Just the System

From purchasing, renting, or financing, Culligan has flexible payment plans and options for every household. The initial in-home water test is always free, and our professional installation and equipment setup is included for all options.

You’ll also receive personalized service from our water experts to identify the right water treatment solution to treat your problem water, and reliable maintenance from installation, repairs, ongoing service, and more, to keep your water treatment system running like new, always.

All Culligan products are protected by a limited lifetime warranty that’s unique to each product. Specific warranty details related to your water treatment system will be provided at the time of installation.

Better Water Pays Off

No matter which pricing model works best for you, purchasing your Culligan water treatment system and investing in cleaner water throughout your entire home, for the life of your home, will pay off in cleaner drinking water, less hard water mess around the house, longer-running appliances, more efficient utility usage, and more.

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