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How Professional Drinking Water Filter Installation Works


Filtration is an excellent solution for your home’s water supply, helping you take control of what’s in your drinking glass. But it’s not just effective — it can also be easy. In fact, you don’t even need to install your own water filtration system. Professional drinking water filter installation takes the pressure and guesswork out of the process, allowing you to focus on the forthcoming benefits.

But what should you expect when an expert installs your water filter system? Is there anything you need to know, do or prepare?

Here’s a look at Culligan’s professional installation from beginning to end.

The Culligan Water Filter Installation Process

The water filtration system installation process differs depending on a variety of factors, including the supplier. A good water partner like Culligan knows how to make every step as simple as possible for you.

By this point, you should already know which contaminants you want to address in your drinking water and which Culligan filtration system will best fit your needs.* You’ll also know where the water filter will go — for example, under the sink, in your basement or inside a kitchen cabinet — and whether it will need an electrical outlet.

The next step is to schedule the installation and prepare your home. Fortunately, preparation shouldn’t take too long. All you have to do is ensure the chosen area is clean and accessible. Although the specifics vary depending on the size of your water filtration system, you’ll generally need about two square feet of space. You should also remove any nearby items to make sure your installer can get started right away.

The process begins with a few quick tasks. If you have an older undersink filter or other system, your installer can remove and dispose of it for you. They can also turn off your water supply, so there’s no need to do that yourself unless you’re told ahead of time that this is needed.

Next, your local Culligan expert will connect the new system to your water line and drain. If your filter requires a separate faucet, as is often the case with reverse osmosis (RO) water solutions, they’ll install that, too. Your water specialist will work with you ahead of time to decide whether this faucet will replace an existing fixture, like a soap dispenser, or if a new hole is necessary. With Culligan, you also have the option to get filtered water directly from your existing tap, switching from regular to RO water by using a button that wirelessly connects with your system.

Finally, it’s time to ensure everything’s fitting properly, from the filter housing to the sink connections. If the system checks out, your installer will move on to the next step: teaching you how to use your new system.

In many cases, your drinking water filtration system’s tank will come already filled with freshly filtered water. That means you can start enjoying great-tasting tap water right away. However, your water expert will still show you how the system works, including all the details about its operation and maintenance. They’ll also walk you through any special features — especially if you choose a smart reverse osmosis system, which gives you more control over the treatment process. Your installer will help you connect your RO filter to the Culligan Connect app, your hub for information such as:

  • Contaminants reduced
  • Filter life remaining
  • Drinking water usage
  • Single-use plastic bottles saved

Generally, the installation process lasts between one and two hours. That’s all it takes to get better drinking water quality for your home.

Benefits of Professional Water Filter Installation

In an era where everything can be researched online and DIY is a common hobby, you might wonder why you can’t install your own house water filtration system. The truth is that this can be a difficult, confusing and potentially expensive process without help.

Professionals aren’t just doing the work for you. They’re bringing experience, expertise and equipment that you don’t have access to. That means they introduce far more value than simply taking a task off your to-do list.

Here’s a look at just a few benefits of having a professional installation:

System Expertise

Your installer will be familiar with every Culligan water solution. They’ll know what the installation process should look like and how to ensure your new system performs at its best. What does that mean for you? Simple: They don’t have to delay the process for the time-consuming research you might need to perform if you tried to DIY.

Years of Experience

From product design to customer service, every Culligan team has experience making water treatment simple, accessible and efficient. Your local expert will be comfortable with each step of the installation process and can help avoid potentially costly issues with plumbing, water line connections and more.

Additional Support

You always know whom to call if you need support before, during, or after your installation. Your installer can answer questions while they put the system in place; your local Culligan team will address anything that comes up later, from troubleshooting and app support to upgrades and replacement filters.

Time and Money Savings

Professional installation means you don’t have to worry about the details. You’ll save time and hassle by letting the experts do what they’ve been trained for — and along the way, you’ll learn how to get even more out of your Culligan drinking water filtration system.

What To Know Before Your Water Filter Installation

Installation is one of the final steps in a larger water treatment journey. Here’s what you should know before you get to this point:

#1: Your Current Water Quality

While there are DIY water quality tests available, this is another time when expert support is often the better path. Professional water testing will give you vital information on potential contaminants, hardness and more.

#2: Your Options

Your water test results will inform your treatment decisions. For example, reverse osmosis and water softening systems address different issues, but they can be used together for better results. Your local water expert will help you choose the right systems for your needs.

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#3: Pricing

It’s important to know the cost of water treatment systems — not just the initial price, but the lifetime expenses, too. Ask your water expert for all the details, including any expected maintenance or filter replacements.

Water Filter Installation Made Easy

If you’re ready for better drinking water, it’s time to turn to the experts. From your first water test to filtration system installation and beyond, your local Culligan team is ready to help you take control of your tap. That means you’ll never have to rely on DIY solutions and the potential issues that come with them.

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